Besides being the best wedding photographers ,

We met each other many years ago at a photography school in Cape town. Even though we were all not in the same class but we knew that we would be best friends as we all had one common goal of being ranked as one of the best wedding photographers in the country. Few years later we decided to come together as a team and create something beautiful and memorable.

It started with registering the company that we were all part of and we became family and then we decided to take move to Johannesburg as there was more room for growth. It was not all easy to be the best wedding photographers in Johannesburg as we did not have much of work to showcase and we were offering free wedding photoshoots as a foundation of our business and at that time we knew we going to have it all as we had all the necessary equipment

Photographing is so much fun when we work together But the road to success was not all fun.  We met people that we have valued since day one , that gave us opportunities in life to be where we are today and we also met people that dragged us down but we be taken down because we know how far we have come.

While doing photography we all love to travel. That is the reason we have travelled all over south Africa and all over the world. We pride ourselves in what we do and we have done work in the United states America, Austria, Slovakia , Hungary ,England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Germany , Nigeria , Zimbabwe, Ghana ,Switzerland the list is endless but home is always best.
while exploring the world we did not loose focus we never forgot our goals, that is why we are still ranking as the best wedding photographers in the country.
We were in the Top Ten in the South African Photography awards in 2014. We have been awarded some best achievements in doing community work with the City of Johannesburg together with the A team South Africa.
We have done loads of work that have been broadcast on SABC TV channels, done some commercials and produced a documentary for a well-known SABC 1 program soul city.
We have done our best and we still doing the best we can to work with the youth just to get them off the streets offering them opportunities  to build their own portfolios and work experience.

We have worked with Alex fm , Metro fm , Jozi fm as well as our very own Soweto tv. We have worked with Paris photo festival to showcase our work ,

Our portfolios are available to view here. Our work speak for itself , it might not all be available to view on our site we have the printed portfolios to view in our offices at any time.

Thabang Mnculwane

Best Wedding photographers

I am all about interpreting the story through photography it is my love , my life and my passion. i have collected all the experience while travelling around the world, and i have been always been open to new ideas , that has kept our company as the best wedding photographers in the country and recognized widely around the world.

Though i am the CEO of the company and the photographer too i still  am one of the most active people in the country as a professional athlete ,  Running has not only kept me active and healthy but it is also helpful for me to explore new places , have fresh ideas and it has and will always be part of my life .

To mention the least , apart from being one of the best wedding photographers in the country , i am still the Nike running united Kingdom brand ambassador for 2015 and 2016.


Moses Dube

For me, videography is more than a job; it is my passion, my career, and my life. As I think my videos show, I love to film most of all happy people in exquisite settings. being part of the best wedding photographers in the country is so humbling.

I film most of my videos in an amazing way  way and my approach to wedding Photography and videography is that of a narrator, and my style is a mix of photojournalism and creative portraiture.

To that end, I’m more interested in capturing the emotion of the the day , things that dont matter and so, after many years of experience, I know when to capture life as it happens without restraint.

Charles Okoye

Best Wedding photographers

I am all about being behind the scenes , the video camera , editing . Besides being part of the best wedding photographers and videographers in the country i consider myself very creative , and productive. and working behind the scenes has helped me to stay focused while enjoying the travels , and meeting all the amazing couples it has been an eye opener in life.

I am very strict about time and i make sure that we are never late for any wedding , event or any shoot. i Have also enjoyed travelling around the country and around the world while doing my work.

To mention the least i am very addicted to my camera. i am always open to learn more as i believe that leaning will never ever , that helps us to keep our customers wedding memories alive.

I always remind the couples not to forget us on their wedding day because it is such a encouragement when treated well while doing your work, i always give it my all.

We truly consider ourselves lucky to be one of the Gauteng’s best wedding photographers! Not only do we get to photograph people’s weddings, but we always end up with new friends. It never gets any better than that. Contact Us